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OCCUPRINT Portfolio reviewed on ART21 Blog

Sarah Kirk Hanley at Art21 has posted an article on the Occuprint portfolio. Read more here. Information on acquiring the prints is below.


There is one pre-publication set and about 40 standard print portfolios available. Please email Felice Tebbe to reserve a copy.

Please support this educational fund-raising project. It is crucial that we keep the Occupy movement alive; unless we address the fiscal inequities of the society we live in there is no hope for a sustainable future.

For images and a full artist list, please visit this page.

Download a colophon here.


The silkscreen portfolio contains thirty-one 12” x 18” hand silk-screened artists prints on French paper in an archival silk-screened presentation folder. This project was curated by BOOKLYN’s Marshall Weber, Occuprint organizer, Jesse Goldstein, and various Occuprint editorial committee members including: Molly Fair, Josh MacPhee and John Boy. This portfolio is only be available through BOOKLYN.

The pre-publication sets contain, in addition to the above:
–an original first edition of the Occupy Wall Street Journal’s Occuprint issue.
–one copy of Dave Loewenstein’s exclusive (a limited edition of 20 only available to pre-publication sponsors) elegant and hand stencil cut and spray-painted painting of his “Tip of the Iceberg” image, (shown above.)
–one copy of the Alexandra Clotfelter’s iconic “The Beginning is Near” roped bull image, offset printed on French paper from a limited edition of 160 on French paper.

Pre-publication sponsorships:
1. Anonymous, UK
2. Bucknell University, Lewisburg, PA
3. Emory University, Atlanta, GA
4. New York University, Fales Library, New York, NY
5. Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, PA
6. The Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute, Williamstown, MA
7. University of California Irvine, Irvine, CA
8. University of Central Florida, Special Collections, Orlando, FL
9. Yale University, Haas Family Art and Architecture Library, New Haven, CT
10. Anonymous, USA
11. Stanford University Libraries, Stanford, CA
12. Smith College Museum of Art , North Hampton, MA
13. Claremont Colleges Library, Claremont, CA
14. Anonymous, USA
15. Bates College Museum of Art, Lewiston, ME
16. Harvard University, Harvard, MA
17. Anonymous, USA
18. New York Public Library, New York, NY
19. Spencer Art Museum, University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS


“Occuprint emerged when The Occupied Wall Street Journal asked us to guest curate an issue dedicated to the poster art of the global Occupy movement. The Occuprint website is meant to connect people with this work, and provide a base of support for print-related media within the #Occupy movement.

Occuprint showcases posters from the worldwide Occupy movement, all of which are part of the creative commons, and available to be downloaded for noncommercial use, though we ask that artists be given attribution for their work.

Our Print Lab is collaboration with the Occupy Wall Street Screen Printing Guild. The OWS Screen Printing Guild is an official working group within the OWS General Assembly. It is an open working group that regularly incorporates new members into its process and can be contacted at owsscreenguild at gmail dot com.)

We look forward to creating and distributing more printed matter by supporting the development of screen-printing labs at other locations worldwide, and by printing more of the wonderful posters that we are receiving.”

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