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Stones in Your Pocket (April 5 - 29, 2012)

Collaborative Lithography by the Cardiff Sessions
April 5 - 8, 2012
Opening reception: Thursday, April 5; 7 - 10pm

“In any collaborative experience one looks
for a synergetic leap: the possibility of achieving jointly
some plateau that neither partner could reach alone."
- Richard Hamilton

The Booklyn Art Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of collaborative printmaking by the Cardiff Sessions, including members Michael Iveson, Ian Wilkins, Christina Wrege, and associate artists: David Ferry, John Gibbons, Bruce McLean, Frances Smith, Ashley Rich, Andreas Vietz, and Jutta Vollmer.

Founded in 2009 the Cardiff Sessions is an artist collective dedicated to producing collaborative work through experimental drawing and stone lithography. The collective’s aim is to develop relationships with international artists and explore the visual language of printmaking through collaboration while advancing experimentation in contemporary printmaking within Wales.

The title STONES IN YOUR POCKET refers to an innovative process developed by the Cardiff Sessions, creating their own unique litho transfer paper from affordable and readily available materials. The versatile qualities of the transfer paper allows the collective to transport these portable “stones” and provide easier collaboration through the mail with international artists. Along the way, the paper develops folds, creases, and tears. The collective embraces these spontaneous results illustrating the works’ travels, these elements become part of the collaborative narrative.

Coinciding with this exhibition Booklyn Artists Alliance and the Cardiff Sessions will produce a new series of collaborative linocut prints. These collaborations will be on view from April 9 - 29. For more information please contact Aimee Lusty,

For full exhibition album and workshop photographs please visit our Flickr page.

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