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Combat Paper, 2007-9


Combat Paper, is (so far) four volumes of six pulp paper photographic prints in an envelope of pulp paper, produced in editions of five to ten. All the paper is made from the shredded used uniforms of United States of American Iraq War Veterans.This project is conceived & coordinated by Drew Matott former director of Green Door Studio in Burlington, Vermont and Drew Cameron current director of Green Door Studio and a Iraq War Veteran and member of IVAW.


These are the stories of the soldiers—the Marine, the man, and the women—journeys through the military service and across the world within a time of war.


Volume I was made from uniforms worn in Iraq by former Navy Corpsman Chanan Suarez-Diaz, former United States Marine Corps Infantryman Cloy Richards, and former United States Marine Corps Corporal Matt Howard.


Volume II is made with uniforms of Chanan Suarez-Diaz, Jon Micheal Turner, Adrienne Kinne, Drew Cameron, Cloy Richards, Matt Howard, Eli Wright, Nate Lewis, Mike Blake, and Phil Aliff.


Volumes I, II, and III are out of print, Volume IV is alomost out of print and other volumes and projects are in production. Tour of Combat Papermakers intermittanly travel across the United States, performing and creating artworks in diverse communities bringing together Iraq war veterans and the general public in a creative act of dissent, education, healing, peace activism, and reconciliation.
In 2009 a Combat Paper tour also traveled through England and Ireland.

"It began with the Warrior Writers Project, a way for us, Iraqi Veterans Against the War (IVAW) to express ourselves outside of public discourse or organized protest. The method was derived and built from the inspiration of previous work; much in the same way that our current struggles resonate with the trials of previous generations. Facilitated workshops that create a space to be heard as well as to listen, a community that works to uncloister our thoughts and continue with the reconciliation is the model.
"In our unveiling of the first compilation of Warrior Writers, Move, Shoot and Communicate, in April 2007, we incorporated performance and visual arts. The creative need, within those who have experienced such tragedy, flows uncontained when able to embrace this reclamation of experience. In this process, we make with it our own. Creating handmade paper editions and facilitating papermaking, with my fellow veterans, eventually led to the inspiration of Drew Matott, to use our combat uniforms. The story includes the fiber, the blood, sweat & tears, and the months of hardship & brutal violence are held within those used uniforms. The uniforms often inhabit the backs of closets or boxes in the attic. Reclaiming this symbol of subordination and of warfare & service into something beautiful is all of our inspiration. Eight different veterans have donated their uniforms for this work. All eight uniforms are now combat paper and twelve different veterans have been involved in making the paper by pulping these uniforms. We do this work at People’s Republic of Paper in Burlington, VT and Saint Lawrence University in Canton, NY.”
—Drew Cameron

Collections of: Boston Athenaeum, Boston, MA; Lafayette College, Easton, PA; Library of Congress, Washington D.C.; Scripps College, Claremont, CA; Fine Arts Galleries, Western Carolina University, Cullowhee, NC; University of Vermont, Burlington, VT


Recent Exhibitions, 2007, “Mutanabbi Street: An Exhibition of Broadsides”, San Francisco Center for the Book, curator Kathleen Walkup, Director of the Book Arts Program at Mills College.


Combat Paper project is coordinated by Drew Matott and Drew Cameron.

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