Occuprint Portfolio

Josh MacPhee, Roger Peet, Favianna Rodriguez, Art Hazelwood, LMNOPI, Occuprint
Publication Date: 2012
Artwork type: Print
Medium: silkscreen, letterpress
Dimensions: 16.0 in W x 18.0 in H x 1.0 in D
Binding Type: loose pages
Edition Size: 100
Price: USD 10000.00
Publisher: Occuprint
Josh MacPhee (artist)
Roger Peet (artist)
Art Hazelwood (artist)
LMNOPI (artist)
Occuprint (artist)
Brooklyn, NY
“Occuprint emerged when The Occupied Wall Street Journal asked us to guest curate an issue dedicated to the poster art of the global Occupy movement. The Occuprint website is meant to connect people with this work, and provide a base of support for print-related media within the #Occupy movement.

“Occuprint showcases posters from the worldwide Occupy movement, all of which are part of the creative commons, and available to be downloaded for noncommercial use, though we ask that artists be given attribution for their work. Our Print Lab is collaboration with the Occupy Wall Street Screen Printing Guild. The OWS Screen Printing Guild is an official working group within the OWS General Assembly. It is an open working group that regularly incorporates new members into its process and can be contacted at owsscreenguild(at)gmail(dot)com.

“We look forward to creating and distributing more printed matter by supporting the development of screen-printing labs at other locations worldwide, and by printing more of the wonderful posters that we are receiving.”                                                                                                                                                 —Occuprint
The silkscreen portfolio has thirty-one 12” x 18” hand silk-screened artists’ prints on French paper in an archival silk-screened presentation folder. This project was designed and curated by Occuprint organizer, Jesse Goldstein, various Occuprint editorial committee members (including Molly Fair, Josh MacPhee, and John Boy) and Booklyn's Directing Curator Marshall Weber.

Funds raised from the Occuprint portfolio continue to support social justice community projects. Notably in 2012 Occuprint funds paid for the publishing of 40,000 Occupy Sandy Resource Guides that supplied victims of Hurricane Sandy much needed information on post-hurricane survival and health protocols. The guide was distributed by both FEMA and the Red Cross.

Selected articles about Occuprint:

"Ink | Political Art for a Contetious Time," by Sarah Kirk Handley, ART21, September 14th, 2012

"The Art of Occupy," by Carole Holden, British Library, August 30, 2013

"MOMA Acquires Occupy Wall Street Art Prints," by Amanda Holpuch, The Guardian Online, October 10, 2013

Pre-publication sponsors—
1.     Anonymous, UK
2.     Bucknell University, Lewisburg, PA
3.     Emory University, Atlanta, GA
4.     New York University, New York, NY
5.     Clark Art Institute, Williamstown, MA
6.     Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, PA
7.     University of California Irvine, Irvine, CA
8.     University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL
9.     Yale University, New Haven, CT
10.   Anonymous, USA
11.   Anonymous, USA
12.   Stanford University Libraries, Stanford, CA
13.   Smith College Museum of Art, North Hampton, MA
14.   Claremont Colleges Library, Claremont, CA
15.   Anonymous, USA
16.   Bates College Museum of Art, Lewiston, ME
17.   Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
18.   Anonymous, USA
19.   Spencer Art Museum, University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS
20.   Carleton College, Northfield, MN
21.   Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY
Artists -

America is Broken    John Langdon    Philadelphia, PA

Occupy Earth    Marx Aviano    Kansas City, MO

Fight Back World Wide    Colectivo Cordyceps    Mexico City, Mexico

We the 99 Percent    Anthony Nomorosa    Washington, D.C.

Job Creators    Brad Kayal    San Fran, CA

Occupy Everything    Colin Smith    San Fran, CA

Occupy Homes    Joe Thompson    Houston, TX

What the Market will Bear    Roger Peet    Portland, OR

Occupy Oakland    Rich Black

Keep Calm and Cameras On    Mark Miller    Los Angeles, CA

Let’s Get Medieval    Lindsay Starbuck    London, England

The World vs. the One Percent    Favianna Rodriguez    Oakland, CA

Grassroots Democracy    Fahmi Reza    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Occupy Baltimore    Keith Lowe    Baltimore, Maryland

General Strike Match    Molly Crabapple

When in Riot Gear    John Emerson    Brooklyn, NY

#Occupy Jakarta: Serakah Itu Salah    Nobodycorp.Internationale Unlimited    Indonesia              

The Birth of Occupy    Ronnie Goodman    San Francisco, CA

Dollar Tower    Jeanne Verdoux    New York, NY

Day and Night    Santana (Little Hamilton Collective Press)    Nashville, TN

Money Talks Too Much    Josh MacPhee    Brooklyn, NY

Cardinal Points    Sébastien Marchal    Paris, France

Corporate Cookie Jar?    Art Hazelwood & Josh MacPhee    Brooklyn, NY

Laos Dream    Nguyen Minh Thanh & Miriam Klein Stahl and Gabby Miller    Hanoi, Vietnam

Rise Up    Imnop.    Brooklyn, NY

One Square    Cactus    London, UK    

Occupy Together    

Lenape Occupied    John Emerson    Brooklyn, NY

Printers -
Bushwick Print Lab
Little Hamilton Collective Press
Out of Line Press
Flight 84
Art Hazelwood
Pajaro Editions
Taller Tupac Amaru

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